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Buy Notebook Computers

So, you are off to buy a new notebook computer; at least, new to you.  And you are probably wondering what features you should look for in your new notebook.  You may not even know which brand to buy.  If you are buying a notebook computer for a child or grandchild and you are not computer savvy then you may be even more lost.

At lot of that depends on the price you are looking to pay and what your computing needs are.  If you only need to communicate with email and maybe use something like Microsoft Word to type and print a letter then you do not need a real feature rich notebook computer; and you might even get by with a desktop computer.

Larger Screen Size

If your vision is not as good as it use to be then you might want to look at the notebooks with larger screen sizes.  Laptops with 17” screens are still really thin in size and not bad when it comes to weight.

If price is not an issue or you have a real need for a lot of bells and whistles then nowadays the sky is the limit.  Many notebook computers today have as much as 4 to 6 meg of memory and 300 to 600 meg hard drives. Most come with multiple USB ports for connecting all sorts of external devices. 

External Devices

Speaking of external devices, you may want to add a few of these at the same time you buy your new notebook computer.  Some of these things might be a wireless mouse, a lock to keep your new laptop securely attached to a table or desk, a nice carrying case, an external hard drive for backups and a headset for listening to music or other private listening needs.

And of course, there are many different manufacturers of notebook computers.  One person will tell you this one is better and another would tell you another brand is the way to go.  Sometimes, that comes from whatever brand that person started out using.  Kind of like someone uses Tide detergent because that’s the brand their mother used.

When it comes to brands you sometimes pay more just for the brand name.  That being said it is good to take into consideration how good the support is for the computer manufacture you choose. 

If price is a real consideration you might want to consider a refurbished computer (refurbished hp laptop).  These are computers that have been returned to the manufacturer for some reason and have been restored to good condition.  These are not used computers.  They may have been simply returned by a retailer because they were overstock. 

Often times one can find a good deal when buying a notebook computer because stores are trying to move older models off the shelves.  There is nothing wrong with these units if they have the features that meet your computing needs.

Also, watch for sales.  You might find the computer that you want to buy, but then wait for a holiday or back to school sale to purchase at a better deal.

You may have a home based business with software requirements that cause you to have to look for special needs when buying your notebook computer. Also, check the discount and open-box offers at Amazon.com (see below).

Be sure to ask a lot of questions of the salesmen and research your questions online.  I have found that emails to the manufacture’s support group has gotten me specific answers to question that I have had that the retail store salesmen have not been able to answer. 

Already know that you are ready to buy notebook computers? First check out Amazon.com. If you do not find what you need there then check out Ebay.com and Walmart.com.




























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