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Would you like a bigger computer monitor but just can't afford one? Or, maybe you would like to add an external monitor to your laptop but you are on a shoe string budget. Well consider a refurbished computer monitor.

Just about all used or refurbished computer monitors can be used with any similar PC, regardless of whether or not the computer or laptop is new, used or refurbished.

Monitors are easily moved from one PC to another and a name brand refurbished computer monitor will give you a long life and good re-sell value.

Refurbished LCD Monitors - Thin is the Buzz!

Thin LCD Monitors are the thing today. They weigh so much less and take up so much less desk space than the old CRTs.

In addition, they save on electricity and give you a crisper image.

For your eye comfort look for a monitor with the highest resolution.

Finding a good refurbished flat screen monitor will give you some of the best technology in monitors and at an affordable cost.

Be sure to shop with a company that has an excellent return policy and a good product warranty.

If you are building your own computer then a refurbished computer monitor will be a good choice.

One important thing to consider when buying a computer monitor is response time. If you are a gamer or want to watch a lot of movies on your computer, you will want a low response time. Aim for at least 5 ms.

Refurbished Computer Monitors as well as Refurbished Laptops can be found at Amazon.com which has a very reliable monitored return policy.









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