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Pop Display
Order-Matic has manufactured POS and communication equipment for over 50 years.  We offer a product line that not only includes POS solutions and wired and wireless communication concepts, but menu boards for inside and outside signage. We also provide digital surveillance systems that provide 24-hour security and managerial peace of mind.  Our plant consists of a graphic design and printing department that can meet a wide variety of printing needs.

Bananagrams Word Game
This little word game is sooo.... much fun to play. It is a fast, fun game and can be played without pad or pencil needed. It is also a great game for the elderly or handicapped. Helps keep everyone's mind alert.

Video Game Rocker
Video game rockers are also great for using your laptop while sitting on the floor, especiall if you are playing games and have your laptop hooked to a big screen TV.

Mario Cart Wii
This is a great game to play on your new laptop. If you are a racing fan you will really love this great game.

Elmo's World
Laugh and giggle with your child and Elmo for hours. He is a keeper for years to come.

Buy Ink Cartridges For Printers
Is your printer drinking ink and costing you an arm and a leg? Then check out this site where you can buy ink cartridges for printers cheap.

iPad Video Lessons
Frustrated with trying to use your iPad? Here are some great Video Lessons that can help you learn all the features of your iPad quickly.

Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Inflatable Sleeping Pads for backpacking, car camping and adding essential warmth for summer cots.









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